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John Hudson Hypnotherapist in the UK

Hypnotherapy Equipment UK

Hypnosense Terence Watts Informative Site

Jo Goss Certified Anxiety Specialist & Smoking Cessation Specialist in Elgin Scotland

Oxford Hypnotherapy 'World Wide Hypnosis Links' directory

Hypnotherapy Associates of London

The Association For Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

36880 Woodward Ave, Suite 107, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Tel 248.433.3075        Fax 248.433.3078

Hypnoinfo - The No 1 site for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis resources

Adeline Kam, Hypnotherapist in Muswell Hill, & Harley Street, London

Analytical Hypnotherapy in Derby & Nottingham, specialises in Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders

Academy For Continued Hypnosis Education (International) for professional hypnotherapy seminars and workshops.

Stella Dass, CBT Therapist & Counsellor in Bristol

Brent Magee & Megan Everett
Psychotherapy and Counselling
Central London.

Hypnotherapy Industry Links UK

Melbourne Hypnosis, Tony Gilmour, Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria

Brent Magee & Megan Everett
Psychotherapy and Counselling
Central London.

Deborah Hill, professional hypnotherapy service in Sheffield

Brent Magee & Megan Everett
Psychotherapy and Counselling
Central London.

Harry Cannon Harley Street, LONDON & Carterton, West Oxfordshire

Advanced Hypnotherapy, Sydney, Australia

Hypnosis Reserach, summarizing critical hypnosis and relating efficiancy of hypnotherapy via scientific means


Hypnotherapy Bristol Practice, Greg Nejedly

Jeremy Barbouttis, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Counselling, at Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Australia.

Mike Whiting, Hypnotherapist Bristol and Bath

National Register of  Psychotherapists & Counsellors UK Bristol Practice, Greg Nejedly

Kerrie Ballantyne, Clinical hypnotherapist uses CBT hypnotherapy, Dorset and Somerset, Yeovil

Central England College - Birmingham. Professional practitioner program

UK College of Clinical Hypnosis

Beware of SCAM at Temdi - United Lda Portugal, medical directory scam

Sara Stokes hypnotherapy for anxiety and other issues in Camberley, Surrey.

Zofran - Women who give birth to a child with a birth defects face possible lifelong expenses -

we provide them with the financial support assistance they need.

Clinical therapy based in Derbyshire.

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