Providing Client Care with a Personal Touch

Anatomy of a Session
The number one question I am asked is "what is a typical session like?" No two sessions are identical; each session will be customized to the client with each subsequent session in the direction of individuals’ personal progress. I have included a generic outline for the consultation and getting started with positive change.

Each consultation will last about 45 minutes and each session will last approximately one hour, sometime longer. In some cases a session can directly follow the consultation, however this will be determined at phone interview.

Each meeting starts with a consultation. Forms are filled out, and personal information is gathered. A discussion of goals, desires and realistic expectations will be shared.

Hypnosis is defined (what it is and what it is not) and a brief demonstration will follow. It is at this point a determination is made to either go forward with the therapy plan or seek other alternatives (sometimes medical releases will be necessary). If moving forward a mutual plan is set into motion and the transformation begins. A suggested number of sessions will be determined and will vary from person to person. Taken into consideration of course, are the issues, goals, and sensory receptiveness.

First Session
Each session will consist of three parts.

Profound relaxation, trance induction
By-pass your critical factor, the conscious part of your mind (your strongest sub personality)
Begin work with the subconscious part of your mind to to allow positive changes, remove unwanted behavior or improve a behavior.

This will take place while resting comfortably on a love seat or a recliner chair in the privacy of a quiet room. While aware of all things suggested and always in control, positive changes have already begun-it is just that easy.

In Conclusion
Ending with a discussion of the experience just encountered and checking for efficacy of the session. Self hypnosis is taught and always encouraged, sometime homework is given. In completion of this session, a personalized reinforcement tape/compact disk is given to reinforce the work just completed for home use. Hypnosis is an inner experience of consent.

Prices and Availability
Sessions are weekly and by appointment, with some evenings and weekends available. Most therapy plans are set up in 2 - 8 sessions, suggestions for exercise, nail biting and some fears and phobias, to name a few. Most common however, is the Stop-Smoking program, which is set at two sessions, followed by the Weight Control package consisting of 6 -10 sessions.
For more information on these, call the office at 866-866-4271, or send e-mail.

There is a complete list of services offered. If you are interested in something not listed, please inquire.

Prices are as follows:
Initial Consultations $25
Sessions - Call for prices.
Method of payment - Check, cash, Mastercard and Visa accepted.